Deftones: “The Less is More” Experiment

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Concerts, Deftones
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When LAMC announced that they were bringing Deftones to Singapore, I took the role as the bearer of good news to my friends through facebook. They were set to play at Fort Canning Park last February 16, 2011 as part of their Diamond Eyes World Tour.

It was also the time that I tore an enormous amount of my funds to acquire new gear. I added two more primes in my arsenal, the 135mm F2 DC & the 24mm f2.8D. Plus, my brother was kind enough to sell me his D700 at a pay-when-able terms. It was halleluja for me, but an apocalyptic event for my finances. Walking proud, my friend & I walked into the venue. Fancy lighting: check! Smoke machine: check! What else could go wrong? I was locked & loaded.

Then, Deftones came crunching their first song, ripping the audience into several pieces. It was frenzy. I fired several shots using the 135mm. Shoved in & out of the pit while inhaling dust, I switched to 24mm hoping to get crowd scenes. Fired several shots, then switched to 50mm. Fired a couple more, then switched back to 135mm. I was switching lenses back & forth amidst all the chaos. The crowd was tight & whenever I aim to shoot, I could feel someone’s breath on my elbow. A few millimeters more & I could have sent someone to the ER. If only I could see myself in the mirror, I could have been lying on the ground laughing hard at myself. Not only I was jeopardizing my lenses, I was shoveling enough earth in my sensor to back-fill a mass grave. As soon as the band played their last song, dust were showing their grin everywhere in the frame.

As for the keepers, most of them were taken using the 135mm.  All shots were taken using Manual Mode, aperture wide open at f2, shutter speed juggled between 1/60 & 1/125 depending on the mood of the scene, metering set to spot, & ISO set at auto limiting at 6400.

Hear yeHear ye!’

Here are the shots taken with the 50mm. Settings still at Manual but aperture was upped at f2.2. Metering still set at Spot & ISO still at auto.

As for the 24mm? They could not cut it. Why? It was too wide for the venue that not only I captured the stage with the whole crowd cramped in it, there were the trees, lamp posts, & surrounding structures that were not covered with the stage lighting. For me, these killed the mood.

After sending my cam to the service center for general cleaning, I pondered upon the value of wide angle lenses & started doing some research on it. Indeed, they are very hard to use but once you get the right framing, it sucks the viewer into the blackhole of kickass-ness. It was only 24mm, how much more for the ultra-wides?

As for my next post, I took it upon myself to shoot an event using only 24mm prime. Same chaos, but different story. Please do check back for The Chingay Parade Rehearsal!

  1. Mrs.Mint says:

    and GREAT pics!!!!!!

  2. another powerful qualities of your photos is the mood of your setting, it’s always consistent which makes your viewers eager to see up to the last photo. simply marvelous! 🙂

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