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“So where are you from?”
“The Philippines”
“Oh well we are supposed to do a show in Manila but..”
“Yeah you should go there… the fan base is tight…”
Those were my last conversations with Mike, the lead vocalist for the Belgium-based hardcore band, A Strength Within, just seconds before they unleashed mayhem inside The Home Club in Singapore last May 21, 2011.

If I ask you to define in your own terms the word “fashion”, I bet some of you will have an involuntary depiction of an image resembling to Bieber’s hair. That’s quite a reflex you’ve got there & I don’t blame you for it. From my viewpoint, mainstream fashion is dictated by pop culture. Though it originates from the runways of Milan, it takes a few pop icons to shove it into our mouths. If you ask me, a normal human being devoid of fashion sense since camo cargo shorts & black shirts roamed the streets of hip, I define fashion as a mixture of patterns, color, & texture that is hip today, gone tomorrow. These three elements kept me on my toes when I went to shoot Singapore Fashion Season last April 2011.

I had the privilege to shoot on two different locations: the Marina Square & ION.  If there are things that I hate when shooting fashion shows, it’s the unpredictable lighting and the shooting angle. These two dreaded aspects kept poking my senses especially on the second location.

Do you remember that 1984 film called “The Karate Kid”? I’m sure you do ’cause the guys at Hollywood just made a remake with the same title, same plot, but different people last year. If you do remember the film, I’m sure you can recall the scene where Mr. Miyagi, played by the late Pat Morita, caught flies using chopsticks. Classic ‘ey? Now what does this fly-catching scene got to do with this blog? Read on…