Last June 8, 2011, *scape lab was set on fire (well not literally) when Echo Productions brought Cruel Hand to unleash mayhem in Singapore. Just like any other hardcore show, it was a supreme brute force slammed into the Lion City fans. Cruel Hand is an American hardcore & punk band from Portland, Maine, whose influences include the early years of Metallica.

*scape lab has exactly the same lighting setup to the Home Club so I had a direction on what settings to use. I did alter my metering though since the lighting was a bit spread out on this one. Because the venue is small, I brought my 24mm 2.8D “in your face” lens & the 50mm 1.8D. I used matrix metering & aperture priority wide open at f2.8 for the 24mm & f1.8 for the 50mm. ISO was set, as usual, to auto at 6400 maximum while the shutter speed was limited at 1/125.

The show was opened by a local hardcore band, Straight Forward, showcasing some original & hardcore rendition songs. There was dominance throwing a gracious riot at the crowd.

When Cruel Hand stepped in, mayhem was amplified. The band packed so much raw power that heavy duty tapes were wrapped around the equipment everytime a song ends. The mosh was very hostile that I cowered myself at the sidelines snapping a few shots without looking through the viewfinder.

It was anarchy & chaos rolled with a sugar coating. Fans were throwing fists everywhere while some leaped landing on someone’s head. Many got hurt, but none fought back. You can smell a mutual understanding between them.

Because I could not get a variation of my shots due to my location, I braved through the mosh trying to get a decent keeper. What struck me was that the fans have a lot of respect not only with each other, but to the people holding a camera as well. As I was penetrating through the mosh, kids allowed me to pass through while securing me from incoming blows.  I snapped a few & thanked them. When I left my post, kids went rabid again. It was very surreal.

The experience was overwhelming. The lesson I learned was not about the band nor the photography. It was about a brotherhood’s respect through an exchange of passion. If pain was inflicted through expression, you admit yourself as a collateral damage. You shake hands with the aggressor & move on. This is brotherhood, this is respect…

  1. Sya says:

    AMAZING SHOTS. you captured the perfect moments. close to tears here.

    and you make me miss shooting bands in the face HAHA

  2. stpaul73 says:

    Another solid set bai! rock on! \m/

  3. Pola says:

    Ian.Winner. 🙂

  4. abcd says:

    I commented on the last post, but somehow it didnt appear. Anyway, I’m speechless. Remember the time we described how one photographer improved in such a short period of time? You’re waay better!

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  6. Cruel Shots!! 🙂 worm’s eye view is the best! 🙂 you’re a BEEst (beast) :-p

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