Last month, I got a tip from a co-photographer about an auto trade show here in Singapore called Asia AutoSalon 2011.  Normally, I tend to ignore trade shows unless there is something worth snapping involved. Fortunately, this event will be showcasing a drifting exhibition so it might be something to look forward to.  You can find more info of the event here.

It was a three-day event  held last July 1-3, 2011 at the Singapore Expo Hall, just a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying. I went on the third day & gone straight to the drifting event. For a S$15 entrance fee, it’s not bad knowing that the drift will be showcased three times a day. I got there as early as I can & was able to get good seats. I plugged my Nikon 70-300 & snapped away some action. Shots were taken at shutter priority, shutter speed at 1/40, metering set to matrix, & ISO set to auto at 6400 max.

The exhibition was a bit short & I still had plenty of time before I call it a day so I proceeded to the event hall. There was a special performance from a Chinese artist, Lorraine Tan, so I took a few shots using my 135mm f2 DC.

After Lorraine’s performance, the photographers around me started squeezing for the parade of race queens until I got shoved in & out & eventually got trapped inside the perve pit.

After managing to snag a few shots of the race queens, I got out as soon as I can before the photogs’ salivary glands start dripping on me. I did a quick tour around the event hall & snapped some shots of the automobiles. You can view the rest of them on my flickr page.


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