Arajua @ Baybeats 2011

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Baybeats
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Baybeats is an anual music festival in Singapore showcasing the best of local & foreign artists which spans for three days within the Esplanade grounds. What I consider the best aspect of this event is that it’s for free! You can read more of the event here & here.

This year’s Baybeats was my first time to witness, in which I deserve to be slapped 40 times for missing this event for the last 4 years. I was only able to attend the first & the third day though & I was lucky enough to snap a handful of shots of some of the most talented performers I’ve seen. Initially, I was planning to publish only one blog for Baybeats but I was floored at the musical prowess of artists that  I feel they each deserve to have a slot of their own.

The first band that I saw was Arajua performing at the Baybeats Arena (Outdoor Theatre). The venue was an open set-up such that there was no backdrop behind the stage. When the band started performing, the sun was still standing high above the horizon that in order to get proper exposure on the performers, you need to sacrifice everything on the background. One test shot brutally separated the subjects from the background that it looked like a second grader’s family album project. I took my time for the sun to lose its luminance to even out the background & subjects’ exposure & took a few more. Shots were taken using 135mm f2 DC, Aperture Priority at f2.2, ISO at auto but limited at 6400. Shutter speed limited at 1/125 minimum.

When I left to visit the other venue, The Powerhouse Stage, I realized that I haven’t taken a shot of the drummer so I went back to only to discover that the band was packing their things. As what famous concert photographer Todd Owyoung says: “Don’t forget the drummer” It took a while for that advice to lobotomize my brain that I made the same mistakes again & again.


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