I have to admit, I am an outdated metalhead who’s been hibernating  since Dimebag Darrel graced his last & tragic performance at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio last 2004 . I have never been exposed to what the kids are listening since then that is why when Upsurge Productions & Reconstrux Bookings announced that they were bringing Suicide Silence in Singapore, it was a “let-me-check-my-budget-type” of reaction for me. It was until I saw Todd Owyoung’s photo blog of Suicide Silence at Mayhem Fest that got me jumping-off my seat itching for that gig to come.

The venue was held at a  tiny 110 square meter white room, apparently called “The White Studio” at the Fort Canning Park. As soon as I got there, I was literally surrounded by kids half my age. Yes I am old! I was situated at the front row when Suicide Silence dropped their first bomb tearing the crowd into frenzy. I had to move back as my aging legs could not stand the force of the youth in riot.

I plugged my Nikon 24mm 2.8D & set my cam in Manual since the lighting at the venue was very unpredictable. It was pitch black with blinding white backlight splashing every several seconds flooding the ambient with erratic green & red lights. All shots were taken using Manual with aperture wide open at f2.8, shutterspeed at 1/125 sec, metering at matrix, while ISO set to auto at 6400 maximum.

This shot took a lot of salvaging from the RAW file. Originally, the photo was so dark that the only visible was the white wall. I just loved the shot so much that I can't stand seeing it rot in my hard drive.

This shot was also very underexposed & had to undergo a major operation in the ER. It had to... Dan Kenny's expression was simply priceless...

Yes! I was inches away with Chris Garza & his beloved 7-string Signature Schecter...


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