Last October 30, 2011, our photography group, MASP, was invited to cover a Philippine noon time show along with  Beyond Photography Productions & Shifters Photography. The show was called Eat Bulaga! & was held at the D’Marquee in Singapore. Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon time show in the Philippines & when you take this kind of phenomenon into a place where pinoy live shows are scarce, expect unrest.

The call time for the photographers was 12 noon, a hour & a half earlier than the start of the show. I arrived on time & saw the crowd building-up under the scorching heat of the sun. I was snapping some crowd shots when the mob went berserk as Anjo Yllana & Ryan Agoncillo went out to greet them. Shots were taken using the 24mm 2.8D at Aperture Priority f2.8 & matrix metering.

As the crowd was warming up inside the venue, I stuck the 135mm f2 DC at Aperture Priority, spot metering, f2.2, & ISO set to auto at 6400 maximum.

As they commenced with the classic “Pinoy Henyo” game…

… the EB Babes took on the dance floor. I quickly swapped to 24mm 2.8D with the same settings but pushed my aperture wide open at f2.8 to catch some action.

Switched to 50mm 1.8D, same settings but punched the aperture back at f2.2.

Switched back to 24mm 2.8D…

…and back to 50mm… and the rest was switching the 3 prime lenses back & forth. It was like spending an hour at the gym while pondering the advantage of a 24-70 f2.8 for this kind of event.

Overall, the lighting was perfect, not too dark & not too erratic, and adding to the drama was the frequent bellowing of smoke effects. I had so much fun shooting that this was one of the events that I could recommend to anyone who loves gig photography. You can view the rest of the shots here.

  1. Sev Balong says:

    superb! excellent work as always Ian!

  2. Some great shots, nice work.

  3. The entire event, all in one set. Nice shots as always.

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