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2011 marked as my first year in concert photography. I had the opportunity to shoot musicians drenched in colored lights in 2010 but 2011 was an awakening of what I love to shoot. It was a fulfilling learning process, juggling from the technical aspects of music photography while evading the hostile manifestations inside the mosh pit. From iconic bands such as Deftones to Singapore’s local talents at Baybeats, it was a year well spent pushing ISO’s to its limits behind those massive PA’s. I would like to wish all the hobbyists out there a  Happy New Year! (more…)

Once again, Reconstrux Bookings proved their capabilities in serving hardcore & metal fans in Singapore by merging local & international acts generating a year end mayhem, the Reconstrux Fest. It was a 7-hour run of two featured sets held last 10th of December 2011 at the *scape lab. The first set was to drive hardcore fans into ecstasy with the hardcore band from Netherlands, No Turning Back. It was supported by local hardcore acts Overthrown, Straight Forward and Mouthful Of Air. The second set catered to the metal fans which featured All Shall Perish & supported by local metal Ossuary. (more…)