Once again, Reconstrux Bookings proved their capabilities in serving hardcore & metal fans in Singapore by merging local & international acts generating a year end mayhem, the Reconstrux Fest. It was a 7-hour run of two featured sets held last 10th of December 2011 at the *scape lab. The first set was to drive hardcore fans into ecstasy with the hardcore band from Netherlands, No Turning Back. It was supported by local hardcore acts Overthrown, Straight Forward and Mouthful Of Air. The second set catered to the metal fans which featured All Shall Perish & supported by local metal Ossuary.

I was not able to make it to the first set due to prior commitments.When I arrived at the venue, Ossuary was ripping the stage so I took some shots. I spent about 30 shots when I realized the stage was too damn dark to get proper exposure. I was shooting wide open with my 50mm 1.8D and 24mm f2.8D and ISO 6400 was already maxed out, my shutter was dragging at 1/30 seconds. All shots were wasted. I was freaking out that if the lighting remains the same for All Shall Perish, then it was time to retire my camera for the night.

When All Shall Perish finally took the stage, the lighting improved. I was juggling between spot & matrix metering while setting my ISO at auto maxing out at 6400. Shutter was limited at 1/125 sec but there were times that it dragged to 1/80 sec. I gave the lighting guy a silent thumbs up.

The Italian virtuoso Francesco Artusato and his beloved 7-string Ibby

Adam Pierce rattling the feeble stage...

Mike Tiner's two handed bass tapping...

Hernan Hermida eyeing me to stop shootin' & start moshin'...

Ben Orum trading licks with the crowd...

This gig will probably my last concert shoot for 2011. Yes… Reconstrux delivered, and they ended 2011 with a feast. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  1. Steven Chew says:

    Great pix man!!!!
    I loved the “Ben Orum trading licks with the crowd…” shot most.

    Anyway u should thank me.. I asked the guy to on the front spot lights (w/ Jai’s permisson) cos I found it too horribly dark too after the first song!HAHAHAHA.. and there was no light guy.. just the indian dude in charge of the venue… flip a switch at the back. HAHAHAHAHAA.

    nice meeting u man

    • Ian Soliva says:

      Thanks bro! Nice meeting you too! I had a hunch it was you who flipped the light switch on.. haha! thanks for that! Or else we all could’ve gotten silhouettes :-p ‘Till next time!

  2. Glen says:

    Trages sobrang liwanag parang binuksan lahat ng ilaw haha Bangis!

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