Flooding the Street @ Chingay 2012

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Chingay Parade, Cultural Events
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Chingay Parade is an annual event held in Singapore showcasing floats & street performances from different culture. This year’s event was the second time I was able to get close & shoot the full dress rehearsal. The first event was on February 2011 and you can view my experience here. One can generally draw a quick & obvious comparison between last year & this year’s event.  One apparent difference is the use of water for this year’s theme. Somehow, the event designers proposed to flood the street enclosed with inflatable barriers. It was about an ankle-deep water stretched all throughout from end to end which made the performers drag their presentation. It was a bit uncoordinated, some fell, & a few left their waterproof footware floating as they proceeded to exit the area. Performers kick & splash water all over the place soaking me & parts of my equipment. The lighting was generally dark too, and I was hoping they had some reservations for the final performance. Overall, the message of the event was still conveyed, it wasn’t just as dynamic as the previous year.

I was fascinated by the images captured by a fisheye lens so I borrowed my brother’s Tokina 10-17 F3.5-4.5 DX. Yes, this lens is for a cropped sensor but it is fully usable at 15-17mm for my FX (D700) body. Shots above & below were shot using shutter priority at 1/125 seconds & extended at 17mm. ISO was set to auto but limited at 6400 maximum & metering was set to matrix.

 I shifted to my 24mm 2.8D & set to Aperture Priority at f2.8. Metering remained at Matrix while ISO set to auto limiting at 6400 maximum.

I wanted to capture some dynamics so I raised my flash & set to rear sync mode.

I grabbed my 135mm F2 DC set to Manual. Aperture at f2, shutter at 1/125, ISO at auto but limited to 6400,

  1. Hi Ian!

    Fantastic stage photography, Ian! You’re very closed with the objects, it nice for stage photography.

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