Chairlift @ Laneway Festival 2012

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Concerts, Laneway Festival
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Enchanting!!… Did I just said that out loud? Dammit Caroline! Stop spreading your charisma! It’s spellbinding suburban hooligans like us. Chairlift was the third band to perform at the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 in Singapore last 12th of February. Because I was stuck in a bad postion shooting Yuck, I braved through the dense crowd to get as near as possible for Chairlift. This time, I was able to get close at about three rows from the barrier…. yes… Chairlift was enchanting… 

It seemed that the Nikon 135mm f2 DC was my workhorse for the day. Settings was still stuck at Aperture Priority at f2.5 while metering was set to spot.

Hey Chief! You dropped yer head dress!

Who the hell switched my cigar?

Who switched what?? hmmmm..

Patrick Wimberly scaling the fretboard...

  1. Hi Ian,

    Seriously, i love these pictures!

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