Austra @ Laneway Festival 2012

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Concerts, Laneway Festival
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Austra was the fourth band to perform at the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 held in Singapore last 12th of February. Having been used to the headbanging & stage dives on metal & rock gigs, Aura was a show that I considered to be a breather. With their upbeat tempo coupled with cultural dance moves, it was an atypical respite from the usual growls & high gain amps that I have accustomed to. Nonetheless, we all need that salad after consuming steak for a month right?

My camera’s settings remain unchanged since the Chairlift & the Nikon 135mm f2 DC was my constant companion. The sun was casting at an angle towards the stage whereby the amount of light at the back was so much less than the one in front. It had a cool effect though, specially when performers stepped into the light, spot metering gave a good contrast on the performer from the stage.


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