Girls @ Laneway Festival 2012

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Concerts, Laneway Festival
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I have to be blunt, I attended St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore last 12February 2012 with a single mission: to take concert photos, lots of it. With all the massive stagelights  & modernized hippies drinking booze, it was a photographer’s playground & checking  the background of the artists was the least of my priority. I headed down to Stage 1 after taking shots of Austra & was surprised to see roadies cladding the stage with flowers. Without checking who’s stepping up next, I was thinking of an all girl band with all these girly embellishments. Half of my intuition was right, the other half was wrong. The next performer was a band called Girls, and it was an all male group.

The band kicked off with a solo performance by front man Christopher Owen with his rendition of “I Will Always Love You”, apparently a tribute to the late diva Whitney Houston who passed away a day before this event.

For some reason, the stage lights were crazy. It had a purple tinge which seem to come from nowhere. I reckon those flowers reflected back those lights to the performers giving them a colorful but dull hue. I had a hard time retreiving back the natural skin tone, or maybe my camera settings were f__ed-up since I was at Aperture Priority & the camera was too confused to meter? I don’t know. My RAW files showed overblown highlights at the faces of the performers & retreiving them back was too tricky.


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