Twin Shadow @ Laneway Festival 2012

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Concerts, Laneway Festival
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Twin Shadow was the 8th artist who performed at the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 held in Singapore last February 12. I hurried back to Stage 2 after Anna Calvi ripped Stage 1 only to find out that Stage 2 was plagued with technical issues. It was quite a long wait and fans were screaming to get things rolling. After a while, PA’s started to build-up one at a time & the Florida-based Dominican didn’t waste precious time to do some prologues.

I rarely do portrait orientation when I frame my shots. I get so inspired with how videographers frame their subjects that whenever you pause a movie at any time, everything seems perfect. But with Twin Shadow’s stage presence & my proximity to the stage with a 135mm lens, I need to shoot this artist from head to foot.

This is to piss all purist concert photographers out there, a digitally post-processed BLACK & WHITE!

  1. Your 135 mm is totally sick! Nice pics brotha!

  2. Kit says:

    WOW! Your shots are amazing! What aperture, shutter speed and ISO did you use here?:)

    • Ian Soliva says:

      Hi Kit! Thanks! As far as I can recall, I think these shots were taken at Aperture Priority, spot metering. I think my aperture was f2.2 or f2.5 or something. Shutter was limited at 1/125sec, ISO was set at auto at 6400 max.

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