Judas Priest Epitaph World Tour 2012

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Concerts, International Artists, Judas Priest
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Lamb of God were down to their final touches tearing up the stage when I realized I was about to bear witness to the biggest heavy metal gig of 2012 in Singapore. A few moments later, a gigantic “Epitaph” draped rolled like a proscenium as the crew prepped the stage transforming it into a monstrous arena. As roadies scrambled backstage, some of the best heavy metal classics piped through the PA’s and as they aired Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, I was so ecstatic that my gallbladder was about to fill five colostomy bags. The crowd was getting wild chanting Judas! Priest! Judas! Priest! As soon as the song ended, the colossal drape suddenly fell & upfront blinding us was Judas Priest.

My eyes were wandering everywhere and every corner of the stage had something going on. I didn’t know who & what to shoot so I stuck my camera at manual, shutter at 1/250, aperture at f2.5, & metering was set at spot. I set my ISO at auto at 6400 maximum since the lights changed so drastically. I was planning to go full manual but my ISO was running at 600 – 6400 so I opted to turn it in auto pilot.

Lights? You name it. This gig packed a lot of light shows crazy enough to belittle the final battle of the Clone Wars.

Richie Faulkner was a performer and he consumed most of my memory that night. It was hard to resist not shooting him when I had glimpses of the young Zakk Wylde when he ripped the stage using his Les Paul Custom. But it was a bit peculiar when you stare at the axeman for a while, then look back at his fellow bandmates 30 years older than him.

It felt surreal watching Rob Halford in person. It never crossed my mind that I will be able to see him live on stage.

Ian Hill may be old but there’s no stopping him from ripping the classic basslines. My shots of Ian were limited since he was stationed at his position all the time unlike the rest who wandered across the stage, except for the drummer of course.

With all the crazy lighting, it was still worthwhile to convert some shots to black & white.

The Judas Priest Epitaph concert was the last tour of the band. All of us who witnessed heavy metal at its best were humbled to be part of the spectacle. I was shooting non-stop that I initially uploaded a whopping 63 images in Flickr. I was having a hard time trimming it down for this blog but you can click here if you want to view the rest.

  1. What great pictures! I took some of Priest more than 20 years ago at Hammersmith Odeon – one of these days I’ll dust them down and post them.

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