Attention! The New Portsdown @ We Are The In Crowd in Singapore 2012

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Concerts
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Attention! The New Portsdown is a local band in Singapore which opened for  We Are The In Crowd in Singapore last April 3, 2012. The show was organzed by Reconstrux Bookings  and I was lucky enough to be allowed to shoot inside the photo pit, thanks to Reconstrux’s main man, Jai. Along with the Malaysian band Oh Chentaku, the two front acts were well received by the fans of WATIC as they prepped the stage with modern punk rock & catchy tunes soaking fans in pop rock frenzy.

I had similar settings as what I did for Oh Chentaku since the lighting pattern did not change at all. It was generally dark with hints of steady lights thrown at some areas in the stage which I carefully timed exactly as the performers passed through. All shots were taken using my buddy Abs‘ Nikon 24-70 2.8G at Manual, aperture at f2.8, shutter at 1/125 sec, & ISO at 3200


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