Out for Blood @ Full Battle Order 2012 Singapore

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Full Battle Order
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Out for Blood took over the stage after Intolerant rumbled the foundations of *Scape at the Full Battle Order last April 7, 2012. Organized by Mourning Sounds, the event gathered some of the heaviest bands from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, & Singapore. This was the second time I witnessed & shot the band, the first was when they opened for A Strength Within last year. Out for Blood is a hardcore band in Singapore comprised of Yasser (vocals), Herman (guitars), Rhaimy (guitars), Supi (bass), & Izanee (drums) & they have been tearing stages into pieces of plain badassery. Their presence at the Full Battle Order triggered the initial response for a brewing mosh pit which eventually led into a promising event witnessed by a handful of faithful followers.

I practically maintained my settings for the whole event at Manual, ISO at 6200, aperture at f2.8 for the 24mm 2.8D & f2 for the 50mm 1.8D. I ran my shutter from 1/80 seconds to 1/125 seconds depending on the location. As the kids started to pile-up, throwing fists in the air, I succumbed for safety behind the band & continued taking shots, shooting aimlessly.


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