Truth Be Known @ Full Battle Order 2012

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Concerts, Full Battle Order
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Truth Be Known was one of the highlights of the Full Battle Order 2012 organized by Mourning Sound last April 7, 2012. The band was originally formed back in 2005 & underwent several changes in terms of line-up & musical style. Despite all the variations the band has  gone through, they eventually solidified themselves into one of the most influential metal bands in Singapore branding every Singaporean metalhead’s handbook.

It takes a lot of discipline when you shoot a band like Truth Be Known. There’s too much going-on when they perform & they love to fuse with the audience in the middle of the performance. Because of this, the interactions tend to be visceral and if you detract yourself to enjoy the show, you will end up with missed opportunities. The photo below is one example.

Out of no reason, Truth Be Known’s set came out to be pretty dark in terms of lighting, in fact, the lowest lux projection of the entire show. I was running at ISO 6400, 1/80 sec, & aperture at f2.8 for the 24mm 2.8D & f2 for the 50mm 1.8D but my shots were gasping for light exhibiting strong noise banding. I didn’t have much choice but to pop-up my flash & shot in rear-sync mode.


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