Dezember @ Megadeth TH1RT3EN World Tour In Singapore 2012

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Concerts, International Artists, Megadeth
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Dezember is a death metal / progressive band from Thailand who were tasked to set the stage for Megadeth’s TH1RT3EN World Tour In Singapore. Special thanks to my photographer bud, Darwin, I was able to snag a rare piece of “all access pass” badge for the whole duration of the show. The event was brought forth by LinVan Productions, a Singapore-based events management company who has been successfully handling international concerts for more than a decade. 

I was within the vicinity prowling every corner of the backstage making most of my “all access pass” privileges when Dezember took the stage for a soundcheck. The moment the guitarist hit those first notes for a warm-up, I immediately ran up to see the axe slinger ripping every inch of the fretboard at more than 200 bpm. My jaw dropped watching the shredder hit those notes cleanly, then he took a snippet of John Petrucci’s Damage Control… for a moment I felt so ashamed of my guitar skills.

I was intentionally planning to pack light for this event so I only brought two lenses, the Nikon 24-70 2.8G & the Nikon 135mm f2 DC. The sun was way up when they started so the the stage lights were not that pronounced. I set my cam to manual with aperture at f2.8 for the 24-70 & f2.2 for the 135mm. Shutter was set at 1/250 while ISO was set to auto at 6400 maximum. I set my metering at spot to let the cam dictate my ISO.

Dezember warmed up the stage for Megadeth with their technical prowess & progressive heavy passages. They heated it up pretty good that the fans were so stoked to see Megadeth in a few minutes. It was all set-up perfectly & LinVan did an awesome job in setting things at the right places.


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