Marié Digby: ”Your Love” Asian Tour live in Singapore

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Concerts, International Artists, Marié Digby
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During the time when YouTube was a media only meant to be accessed & shared, a few people has found the site’s potential to be a gateway for fame. Because of its powerful influence on the viewers, there have been countless aspiring musicians that have gotten the quick ticket to international stardom. One of the pioneers that took the first step in reaching out to the rest of the world was Marie Digby. Her first highlights on YouTube was an acoustic rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, shot at what seemed to be inside a toilet. The video got an overwhelming response setting Marie Digby as one of the fastest rising stars in 2007.

Marie Digby was set to serenade the fans of Singapore last 18 October 2012 at the Esplanade Concert Hall as part of the “Your Love” Asian Tour. The show was handled by EOY and they were kind enough to accept our photography group, MASP, to cover the event, along with other several local photographers. We were given a full access pass at the backstage so I did not hesitate to take shots during the sound check.

Concert photographer Todd Owyoung has always been a strong advocate of shooting Manual and he has stressed his points a couple of times in his blog posts. As an amateur, I never had the faith to trust my eyesight in calculating the right exposure so I normally shot either in Aperture Priority or ISO turned to Auto. Because I was lounging around during the soundcheck, I had the time to take a couple of test shots, checking from time to time my settings & how these settings affect the overall picture. I started shooting at Aperture Priority with ISO turned to auto at 6400 maximum. The exposure was near perfect but the test shots came out too noisy exhibiting noise banding at the background. Then I turned off the auto ISO & played around until the noise was acceptable (around 1600-3200) depending on the lighting situation. At that moment, I had a realization that noise exhibition varies on different situations on a similar ISO. Which means that there are higher chances of noise at ISO 1600 on a situation with inadequate lighting as compared to a well lit ISO 3200. As soon as I realized what ISO to use on a particular setting (an idiotic comprehension after shooting similar situations for almost 2 years), I still was not getting the images I wanted. It was because my cam was setting the shutter speed at Aperture Priority. If I could nudge the shutter a bit, bring the ISO down, pull up the aperture, then I could have a better image. I tried experimenting, fixing my aperture and ISO, adjusting the shutter, then  fixed the shutter, adjusting the ISO, I was starting to get the images I wanted. It took a while for me get the proper exposure, and because the lighting was so predictable, adjusting the settings became rhythmic. I was shooting full manual on a concert for the first time! (standing ovation for a 14 year old who has finally managed to zip his pants all by himself).

After the enchanting soundcheck, we were given a full briefing on the particular shooting locations around the venue, all out within my shooting range. All photographers were only limited at the back of the audience, in which I needed at least 300mm to catch Marie. The lenses that I brought were the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G, 85mm 1.4D, and the 135mm f2 DC, none of it could make a decent  tight shot.  I had a few close-up shots of her during the soundcheck anyway so stopped worrying & did whatever I can & enjoyed the rest of the show.

After the show, the fans got  indulged on a meet & greet autograph signing, a heart-melting scene where Marie happily embraced & welcomed everyone. She reached out, spent a minute of chitchat with each of them, & posed for the cameras… such a darling…

After taking some time with the fans, and just before she was about to go back to the dressing room, we cornered her for a quick ambush interview, in which she gladly accepted. You can see the video here.

Marie Digby is one of the few artists that I truly admire in terms of song writing and live performance. One can sense so much emotion in every  note & lyric she wrote and one of the factors is that she never sees herself as a superstar. Her innocence & down to earth personality has trickled down to her songwriting which has dug deep into our emotions. It is like one of those simple gestures that move you through several places at different paces.

  1. Wow, this is a very nice concert coverage. I like it all, you captured the spirit of Marié Digby!

  2. annie says:

    The link to the video for marie digby doesn’t work. Could you put another link up please??

  3. Abcd says:

    I’m totally digging (/digby-ing? #pun) these shots! Sound check or live, manual or auto or whatever, there’s no doubt you’re great at what you do. Keep ’em coming!

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