Natalie Hiong @ Marié Digby: ”Your Love” Asian Tour live in Singapore

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Concerts
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Natalie Hiong is a Singaporean artist who opened for Marie Digby on her recent gig here in Singapore last 18 October 2012. While waiting for Marie to prep up backstage, we managed to have a quick chat with Natalie and found her to be very pleasing. Our team managed to get along with her so well that she handed us free autographed CD’s of her single “Go Fly a Kite”.

Natalie’s soundcheck came in right after Marie Digby’s but time was quite pressed so I didn’t have the chance to take enough photos of her. Besides, I was a bit busy filling-up as Natalie’s temporary back-up acoustic guitarist, helping the crew to strum a few chords while waiting for her sessionist.

I had my cam set-up when I shot Marie Digby’s soundcheck so I was popping-up the shutter for Natalie. She only managed to run through one song as everyone was trying to iron-up things for the show.

Her performance on stage was a bit short that she only sang one song. It may have been one of her shortest appearance but it was just enough to keep the audience yearning for more. Her single “Go Fly a Kite” delves into the “feel-good” type of acoustic tunes with a message focusing on releasing life’s tensions, in which, every stressed individual can easily relate. You can find out more of her songs on her web page.

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