AQUOSTIKA featuring Johnoy Danao live in Singapore 2012

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Concerts, Johnoy, Philippine Artists
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Johnoy was a close friend back in college when we used to stay in the same dormitory, even way back before his first band “Bridge” was formed. That was why when he announced that Requiem Rising SG was bringing him here in Singapore, prepping-up for his coverage was a no brainer. We offered our group MASP for a full coverage and the cool guys of Requiem Rising approved without hesitation. The gig’s turn-out went pretty well that Requiem had to book another show at a different venue, which eventually went sold-out as well. 

Johnoy was set to perform at Blu Jaz Cafe, a moderately-sized ornamented lounge set-up just perfect for an intimate acoustic session.We arrived at the venue a few hours before the show to conduct our usual coverage routine: quick informal interview, right after his soundcheck. (I will be updating this post with the link to the interview once the video is up.)

I finally got the grip of shooting full Manual so I shot with varying ISO & shutter speed ranging from ISO 1600 – 3200 & 1/125 to 1/500 respectively while Aperture was fixed at f1.8. I didn’t have time to shift lenses because the place was a bit packed & carrying the bag deprived me of mobility so the Nikon 85mm 1.4D was the workhorse for the night. I also made use of the mirrors flanked along the bar to cut short the 85mm focal length as shown on the second photo above.

Requiem Rising SG successfully delivered the right goods at Johnoy’s gig last 20 October 2012. What the people expected to be a usual acoustic night turned out to be excessively memorable as Johnoy delivered two full sets of original, OPM, & foreign tunes. From his own hits  “Dapit Hapon” & “Ulan” to splendid renditions of “Pare Ko” & “Blackbird”, Johnoy left no trail of dissapointment as he paved the way on showcasing our passion for music.

  1. Ed Spadoni says:

    Ian! I see you’re still the master of concert photography. Great work. Hope all is well on your side of the planet. Best, Ed

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