AQUOSTIKA featuring Franco live in Singapore 2012

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Concerts, Franco
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Franco was announced to be Requiem Rising & Pinoytuner‘s last leg of the Aquostika series for 2012. Held at a decked out joint along Bali Lane, Blu Jaz Cafe once again, swayed to the rhythms of OPM & acoustic renditions as one of the revered Philippine artist infused reggae-influenced OPM alternative music to pinoys living in Singapore. Our group MASP was tasked to cover the event and it was futile not to when the artist you are covering has revolutionized the verve of OPM. The show’s turn-out was more than what was expected as the two-night gig sold-out weeks before the event.

The event kicked off with Ink Sessions featuring Ricky Sta. Ana of Skinworkz  &  Shellby Reyes of Chronic Ink at the Beer House, just a few steps away from Blu Jaz Cafe. Two of the leading tattoo artists from Manila showcased their artistry as enthusiasts put-up their skins as canvasses.

We sat down with Ricky Sta. Ana for a quick interview where we got to know more about the artist’s history & ideals.

We were tied-up at the Ink Sessions that we haven’t had time to watch Franco during the soundcheck. Luckily, he agreed to have the interview during his break. (This page will be updated with the link once the video is out.)

Then we took strides to Blu Jaz Cafe to see Franco finally stepping on stage.  His set started-off with an acoustic version of This Gathering accompanied by percussions & keyboards stored in his iMac sitting right next to him. On a side note, This Gathering  is one of my faved tracks of the album, and hearing it for the first time in an (almost) unplugged version was surreal.

On the techie side of this post, all of the shots, except one, were taken using the Nikon 85mm 1.4D while the “beer raising”  photo below was taken with Sigma 20mm1.8. All shots were taken at full Manual running my ISO at 1600 – 2400, shutter at 1/125 – 1/320, & aperture at wide open. For some reason, the lighting at the event was  uncooperative. Though it was just a steady LED type, it drove my camera’s auto white balance insane. The lighting didn’t change throughout the duration of the show, but the moment I shifted my position, the white balance changed which was grueling to pinpoint beyond my camera‘s comprehension. I had a similar experience when I shot Johnoy at the exact same location, but it seemed that my camera was able to register a near accurate white balance before. For this set, I had to shuffle my white balance as I shift places.

One love, Jah love…

One of the highlights, for me, was when Franco did an acoustic rendtion of Foo Fighter’s Everlong. His performance pumped up my neurotransmission passing my blood rate beyond its limits.

Fans of Franco & OPM alternative music got their dose of music adrenaline that night. Though it felt that the set was quite short, it left the audience craving for more as hopes arise for another show in the future. Let’s cross our fingers, suspitsados, that the next show will showcase Franco’s full entourage.

  1. odz says:

    may i know wat camera u are using sir?

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