Eve’s Faire featuring Kitchie Nadal in Singapore 2012

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Concerts, Kitchie Nadal
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Kitchie Nadal graced one of the stages of St. James Powerstation at the Eve’s Faire last 25 November 2012 right after Barbie Almalbis energized the OPM-hungry crowd. The gig was organized by Requiem Rising Pinoytuner, a part of the groups’ string of events which bring in Philippine artists to Pinoys living in Singapore. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I never had the chance to catch Kitchie Nadal back home, neither would I expect to see her outside of my home country. That is why when you send in two of the most influential female artists from the Philippines to showcase their artistry in Singapore, the Eve’s Faire gig was a double whammy to the Filipino community.

Our photography group, MASP, did the honor of covering the event right from the artists’ airport arrival up to the big night so I took the rare opportunity to sneak-in during the soundcheck. I wasn’t able to catch the pre-events so I was all pumped-up to spray my shuttercount.

I only brought 2 lenses with me that night, the Nikon 24-70 2.8G & my trusted workhorse 135mm f2 DC. All settings were maintained from Barbie’s set using Manual at ISO 2500, aperture at f2.8, & shutter at 1/125 for the 24-70 while the 135mm f2 DC was used using ISO 1600, aperture at f2.2, & shutter at 1/250. For some reason, the lighting at Kitchie’s set was a bit more tamed than Barbie’s. Splashes of primary lights were still present, but not strong enough to paint the artist’s skin tone. It was still predictable but the spotlight was nowhere to be seen so shooting non-stop was futile. It made me step back & enjoy the show though as I wasn’t blindly waiting for the right light to strike.

The crowd’s momentum got up when Kitchie asked for volunteers to jam with her on stage. It was one of those wonderful moments where you normally don’t see other artists integrate into their setlist.

The show ended with Barbie climbing up to share the stage with Kitchie. Though the show was a bit pressed for time during their jam, it was a well thought event that was successfully delivered by the guys of Requiem Rising & Pinoytuner.

  1. Hooo, nice set Ian.. 24-70mm + D700 = winning! 😀

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