Greyhoundz live in Singapore 2013

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Concerts, Greyhoundz, Philippine Artists
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I had the opportunity to experience getting up-close with the Greyhoundz‘ gig way back when the band was starting to hit the scene during the late 90’s. They were playing regularly at our school and, yes, even at our dormitory, tearing stages & transforming kids into frantic cannibals. Back during the time when OPM rock was a genre defined by alternative & hard rock, it was culturally stunning when the Houndz ripped the scene with down-tuned riffs & hard-hitting growls into a rock society who had just awoken from a grunge facelift . The fresh approach was easily embraced by young metal heads yearning for more aggression in their record collection. The impact eventually trickled down to the fashion scene which had the teens back then hunt for oversized jeans to complement half of their exposed underpants. Oh yes, I was a victim as well.

The Houndz took the stage of St. James Powerstation together with fellow comrades Queso  last 28th of April 2013. The show was organized by PinoytunerRequiem Rising and our photo group MASP was tasked to cover the event with full access pass. Do scroll back to my previous post for the pre-event happenings.

It was nostalgic hearing the classics Pigface, Mr. P.I.G., and Your Puppet and Clown live again after a decade of being away from the scene. Though they may have made reservations on the stage moves which stamped their identity during their youths, the Houndz have never showed any signs of lethargy pushing the boundaries of stage performance song after song.

  1. Glen says:

    Ayos! Panalo yung huling pose ni Audie!

  2. -lady- says:

    Really great! Idol Nino Avenido…amazing!

  3. patrick says:

    Ganda! Lupit ng last 2 images.

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