A Date Night with Chicosci & the Sony RX100

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Chicosci, Concerts, Philippine Artists
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The Nikon D700 has been with me for almost 3 years and has been very efficient in delivering the right goods in concert photography. It may sound too good to be true but it has never been that perfect for me. There were times where I have opted to leave the gear at home due to a tight baggage space and having a thought of hauling a gear heavier than what you are supposed to be bringing. I have been keeping an eye on the recent developments of ‘pocketable’ cameras & they have been evolving so quickly that I haven’t got the urge to dissect them one by one. I was only looking at a few traits such as good high ISO performance, a size that can fit into your pocket, & the option to control in full Manual. I have narrowed my options along the price range of the Nikon’s micro four thirds & the Fuji X20 but somehow, the Sony RX100 has caught my attention having a 1.0 type CMOS sensor similar to that of the Nikon’s J1/V1. As I went further & seeing the jpegs of the RX100, I was blown away with the camera’s capabilities. Unlike the micro four thirds, this tiny beast’s lens will retract into its body when turned off making it ‘pocketable’ with a variable zoom lens.

I will only be highlighting my first impressions with the camera and would not go into details like special features & stuff. I haven’t got to know the camera well enough to do an explicit review so you make take this article as an amateur’s take on how this baby performs in low light. Besides, as long as the camera is fairly obedient, I rarely dive further into its innards.

The venue was fairly dark with just some slight washes of wall lights & lamps. All of these were shot at ISO3200 in full manual mode knowing that the aperture varies once I hit the zoom button. The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens attached to the camera starts at an aperture of f1.8 at its widest angle of 28mm in the FX equivalent then transcends to f4.9 at its telephoto end at 100mm.

The jpegs were outstanding & spot-on but the in-camera processing have added quite a bit of noise reduction so I had to dig deeper into exploring the camera’s RAW (ARW) files to retrieve the details caused by the noise. In fact, you could not completely turn off the camera’s noise reduction as the options were limited from High, Normal, & Low. Sony’s offering of the Image Data Capture, which is supposed to convert the RAW files, was dragging my netbook just to adjust one tiny setting so I had to convert the files to DNG using the DNG converter in order for me to batch edit them into the Adobe Camera Raw. All I had to do was to bring back the noise anyway, with slight retrieval to some of the blown highlights.

Now on to the show, the gig was warmed-up by Absolute Play and the crowd eventually got animated when Dead Macoys hit the stage with upbeat reggae tunes.

The Chicosci gig felt like a gathering of close friends who just wanted to have a blast that night. It was one of the shows that Requiem Rising has brought forth at the O’learys Sportsbar & Grill just right where the Singapore Flyer sits.

After getting used to composing images through the viewfinder, it was quite liberating to shoot the RX100 as I am not obliged to stick my face on the floor or break my toes from prancing like a ballet dancer. So has the camera served its purpose? For my situation, yes, and in a way that I was getting a higher hit rate than what I was expecting from a compact camera. It may not be at par with the high ISO performance with the recent DSLRs, but I can say I got usable ISO 3200 shots than what I had with my first DSLR, the Nikon D90.

  1. nice one bee! 🙂 whatever canera you use, your photos always turn out great 🙂 proud of you 🙂

  2. Photo Dokumentaryo by: Michael de Guzman says:

    Agree with donna. 🙂 Nice one chief! 🙂 another toy to play with! Sabi nga eh wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian! 🙂

  3. Ian Soliva says:

    thanks Bee & Mike!

  4. Some nice shots here – wish I knew how to do this stuff (so much to do and so little time…)

  5. trollz says:

    Sir ok ba talaga ang Sony RX100 specially for beginners? do u know kung how much nlng sya ngaun?

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