Surviving Blitzkrieg: Metallica live in Singapore 2013

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Anvil, Concerts, International Artists, Metallica
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Each one of us has a list of things that we need to do, see, or hear while we spend our average life on this planet. Personally, having missed Metallica 20 years ago back home, watching the guys, who has influenced almost all of the current metal scene, live on stage was one of my bucket list. There have been rumors that they are possibly passing by the region during their slate at  the Soundwave Festival, but nothing has been confirmed yet. After a few rounds of maybe’s & maybe not’s, the Singapore show was officially announced. Minutes after, I was initially struck with disbelief, reloading their webpage over & over, validating whether they have posted some anomaly by mistake. After staring at my phone for a couple of minutes, I soon realized that I was not dreaming & what I was staring at was blatantly real. It was about time that I gathered all my senses, relaxed, & silently screamed HELLYEAH!!

When the day came, together with a couple of friends, we all gathered in unison & took our own shuttle ensuring the first arrival at the venue hoping to get as close as possible at the stage. We arrived at the locked gates at 12 noon with the sun high up pissing heat all over the place. It was quite a wait under the sorching temperature for 3 & a half hours and as soon as the gate opened at exactly 3:30, we ran like there was no tomorrow. There were a few stops before we were able to reach the pit & finally got secured at the middle third row at the front.

The show was opened by a local band Sacrilege & Canadian veterans Anvil. I did some test shots trying to get a hang of the situation & so far, my tiny Sony RX100 has performed quite well.

One of the highlights of the opening act was when Steve pulled out a dildo & did a Paul Gilbert-esque drill on his guitar.

The opening acts did solid sets just enough to perk up the crowd. I was really expecting a similar but a little bite of brutal energy once Metallica hits the stage so my only concern was to get a couple of decent shots & enjoy the rest of the show.

It was quite a wait for the backstage crew to tidy up some bits & pieces when the gargantuan LED screens lit-up flashing a snipet of an old cowboy movie. The background sang The Ecstasy of Gold & the crowd chanted along with the music building everyone’s energy around me. Then, Metallica came crushing wiping everything in their path with ‘Hit the Lights’. Everybody went berserk & lost their sanities throwing fists & horns into the air. I secured my camera inside my pocket & was planning to shoot later once the crowd’s energy subsides. I was going against the flow, straddling along the wave, anticipating the crowd’s movement. Then, the four horsemen slammed the breaks, gunned the throttle, & catapulted ‘Master of Puppets’. People went rabid pushing the pit sideways back & forth with our legs stuck to the ground ripping our upper bodies in half. The force was so tremendous that it felt like I was underneath a pile of zombies on a goddamn World War Z movie. One by one, unconscious & broken bodies of fans were pulled out from the pit by the safety crew. I could see some of my friends jolting in pain with their dismembered faces squashed against the enormous force of the populace. It was quite a frightening sight when everyone around me was fighting for their lives. Metallica may have been the band I wanted to see before I die, but that did not mean I have to die while watching them. With little air to breath & all my body fluids squeezed out like a dried prune, I was left with no choice but to leave the pit & watch them from afar.

One of the songs that I was waiting to come was One. The stage lights dimmed as the sound of a battlefield channeled through the PA with occasional blast of white lights perfectly timed with the dropping bombs. Soon after, James Hetfield walked calmly across the upper platform with his custom spalted maple ESP Snakbyte & started plucking the infamous intro.

I have seen veterans rock the stage showing some signs of aging but Metallica was gunning their set like the 80’s. The pinnacle of my eargasm was when Mr. Hetfield paused after tearing up Creeping Death, smirked, and uttered the word “riff”. Then he started ripping Battery with blazing chuggah chuggah, and that’s when all the heavens fell towards my feet. All the recollections came rushing towards me when I first blasted the Master of Puppets album in my boom box 20 years ago. Metallica is the best thing that ever happened to heavy metal… period!

Singapore set-list:

Intro The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)

  1. Hit the Lights
  2. Master of Puppets
  3. The Shortest Straw
  4. Ride the Lightning
  5. Fade to Black
  6. The Memory Remains
  7. Broken, Beat & Scarred
  8. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  9. Sad but True
  10. …And Justice for All
  11. One
  12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  13. Blackened
  14. Nothing Else Matters
  15. Enter Sandman


  1. Creeping Death
  2. Battery
  3. Seek & Destroy

(w/ The Frayed Ends of Sanity outro jam)

  1. Awesome man!!!! No DSLR camera allowed as usual? I shot them last night, no photo pass, and smuggle a camera into the show with my bag. It was forced…

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