HoA, UlingGang, and Four Days Ahead at Franco live in Singapore 2014

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Franco
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Before Franco stepped up the stage last March 9, 2014 at the St. James Power Station, the crowd got their inital dose of adrenaline rush by some of the rising pinoy bands in Singapore. Jam Review, Morning in June, HoA, UlingGang, and Four Days Ahead were the bands that took the honour of sharing the platform with one of the most popular post-grunge band in the Philippines.

When I arrived at the venue, Jam Review and Morning in June had already left the stage while HoA was setting up & getting ready to rip. Led by Pariah’s frontman, the band initially did a short soundcheck with the infamous “Sweet Child O’ Mine” intro, then they started blasting off with Kreator’s Violent Revolution and Metallica’s Creeping Death & One medley.

Following HoA’s set, my buddies UlingGang stepped-up and wrecked the stage with their rendition of Deftone’s Engine # 9 and two originals, Delusion and Dead in the End. I can see some people in the crowd wanting to brew some mosh but seemed to take their reservations for the main act.

The last band to grace the opening acts was the post punk progressive rock band Four Days Ahead. The three gents and a lady four-piece performed their originals Far Away Home, Behind the Flames, Fill the Pain with Water, just enough for the crowd to get their blood vessels running for Franco.

  1. gpguarin says:

    Ayos! Solb na solb ang betamax hehe! Hindi halatang bukas na naman ang zipper. Salamas!

  2. rompast says:

    Super sarap ng feeling, isa sa mga magandang nangyari sa buhay banda ko. Salamat Sir Ian sa blog habang nandito ito maaalala ko ito. MABUHAY MASP and Aftershock.

  3. drakeswitch says:

    galing nito pre! ganda ng pagkagawa.

  4. Ian Soliva says:

    Thanks mga sir! Mabuhay tayo!

  5. Aftershock Bands Collective says:

    thanks so much bro! rock on! \m/

  6. Drake says:

    kalerky nice to!

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