Extreme Pornograffitti Live in Singapore 2014

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Extreme
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It was 3 months before the show when Extreme’s Official Band Page announced that they are enlisting Singapore as part of Extreme Pornograffitti World Tour. The show was made possible by Live! Empire delivering funk rock nostalgia to the fans inside the Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Singapore at the Resorts World Sentosa, the night of June 5, 2014.

From the time I got hold of the tiny Sony RX100 mid last year, it has been my constant companion in documenting my gig experiences shelving-out the bulky D700 and his arsenal of friends, well almost. Hope you enjoy the rest of the shots below.

Gary Cherone’s adrenaline-infused performance has always been Extreme’s trademark live, and the Singapore show was not an exception. Climbing over the stack of speakers for a rodeo ride a couple of times, the 53 year old front man showed the fans who’s the boss.

With a pinch of girth and occasional flanger, Nuno’s simplistic tone searing from a Marshall head cuts through the mix wonderfully. Nuno has got to be one of the rare human beings I have seen rip through the fretboard live with blistering speed and accuracy. I was glued through the expanse of the 6-string dreamland which left me wanting to snatch a Washburn N4 yearning of replicating Nuno’s dexterity. Anyone who wants to trade an N4 with a Gibson SG, hit me up with your comments below.

Well, of course, Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo did a solid performance as well sealing those funky riffs Extreme has been branded in the Pornografitti era.

Extreme set-list was pretty straightforward, played flawlessly ripping through the Pornograffitti Album.

  1. Decadence Dance
  2. Li’l Jack Horny
  3. When I’m President
  4. Get the Funk Out
  5. More Than Words (Acoustic)
  6. Money (In God We Trust)
  7. It (‘s a Monster)
  8. Pornograffitti
  9. When I First Kissed You
  10. Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)
  11. Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee / He-Man Woman Hater
  12. Song for Love
  13. Hole Hearted
  14. Play with Me
  15. Rest in Peace
  16. Take Us Alive
  17. Midnight Express
  18. Am I Ever Gonna Change
  19. Cupid’s Dead


  1. Great shots Ian. As always.

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