After the Burial Evergreen Asia Tour – Singapore

Posted: August 24, 2019 in After the Burial, Concerts, International Artists

After a 5 year hiatus of photography blogging, I’m finally back!

Within my 5-year absence, I have been to gigs here and there with my small but mighty Sony RX100 mark 1, but I never really had the chance to publish those shots ever since I shifted my focus on my band Mi Ultimo. Furthermore, it’s easier to post them on other social media platforms. But since I got the steam to get this page going, I will be adding them up in my future posts.

A month or two ago, news broke that After the Burial will be playing in Singapore as part of their Evergreen Asia Tour. I’ve been digging this band for quite some time now and I never expected them to perform live here in Singapore. Just in time as I freshly acquired the Sony A6400, I was so stoked to be back on my feet. Props to Tom Balon for lending me his Samyang 35mm 1.4 FE.

Here are some of the shots from their gig last night on the 23rd of August 2019 at Decline Singapore by Skesh Entertainent.

The venue was quite small so it was quite an intimate moment for the fans.

Just as the band went up the stage, intro from the song Lost in a Static whispered into the PA and from that moment on I knew my old age neck will break as soon as that intro hits.

The band continued to shovel us with the second song Collapse and within the those few moments, pain started to trickle along my neck from headbanging and a bit of moshing so I stopped for a breather while the rest of the crowd went rabid.

The venue was quite dim and in constant blue with a few glimpses of light that I tried to catch when shooting. All photos were shot in manual with the ISO at 3200 which I was blown away with how the sensors perform these days. Back then with my D700, noise starts to creep in as soon as i crank that ISO to 3200.

Adrian Oropeza cranking up that bass!

Trent Hafdahl

I was also overwhelmed by how the AF tracks the performers eyes once they lock in. After hibernating in the photography game for quite some time, I have come to realize that todays technology has peaked which the photographers have yearned 5 years ago.

Some of the songs played last night were:

Behold the Crown
Exit, Exist
Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You
A Wolf Amongst Ravens

And some souvenir!

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