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Julianne was one of the first acts to grace the third day of Baybeats 2011. Performing next to a Singaporean acoustic soloist at the Esplanade Concourse, she stunned the audiences of different nationalities with her acoustic jazz licks & soulful voice. It was sheer tremendous energy that kept bursting out from the Philippine artist that I almost dropped my gear while shuffling lenses. (more…)

Wolfgang was set to blow-up the Powerhouse on the final leg of Baybeats 2011. It was the third day of the 3-day event which fell on a Sunday which was a night of slumber for most of the working professionals in Singapore. When everyone else was taking heed to conserve energy to face the Monday blues, hundreds of Pinoy working professionals were sqeezing every ounce of their energy  chanting “Halik Ni Hudas”  as the Philippines’ most respected rock band warmed up backstage. (more…)

Speed licks, fast riffs, and deep tone. As far as I know, Kate of Kale have been veterans of the Singapore music industry. Though it was my first time to hear them, fortunately in live, their abilities dictate that they are well versed with the ins & outs of live act performance. (more…)

Avalanche @ Baybeats 2011

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Baybeats, Concerts

I was wandering off along the Esplanade grounds on the third day when I heard from afar the rumbling sound of double bass &  low tuned high gain guitars. I quickly head off to the source and witnessed hell that has broken loose as Avalanche took on the Powerstage. It was down to the final touches of their last song as I quickly drew my cam to capture some action. (more…)

The Dirt Radicals is a Singapore-based punk trio comprised of two Australians (Sam Cooper (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Cooper (Drums/Vocals) & a Japanese guitarist/vocalist Masashi Kimura. The band took on The Powerhouse stage to set punk mayhem that shook the Esplanade grounds to its knees. Three statements that struck me: Crazy lights, rabid crowd, & jaw-dropping performance. That was one hell of a way to end a week. (more…)

Ruins & Remains was one of the heavy bands that played on the first day of Baybeats 2011. This time, I was able to lock myself at the first three rows. The crowd was dense with a few crowd surfers slaying people’s heads. The band did some few antics on stage while still maintaining tight rhythm. I had so much fun to shooting Ruins & Remains that I was looking forward to their next gig. (more…)

Knowing I could not get further decent shots at We The Thousands, I huried down back to the  Outdoor Theater to see Hong Kong-based band Noughts & Exes. The front aisle was free from people except for a couple of photographers so I relaxed & took a decent number of shots. (more…)