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Austra was the fourth band to perform at the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 held in Singapore last 12th of February. Having been used to the headbanging & stage dives on metal & rock gigs, Aura was a show that I considered to be a breather. With their upbeat tempo coupled with cultural dance moves, it was an atypical respite from the usual growls & high gain amps that I have accustomed to. Nonetheless, we all need that salad after consuming steak for a month right? (more…)


Enchanting!!… Did I just said that out loud? Dammit Caroline! Stop spreading your charisma! It’s spellbinding suburban hooligans like us. Chairlift was the third band to perform at the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 in Singapore last 12th of February. Because I was stuck in a bad postion shooting Yuck, I braved through the dense crowd to get as near as possible for Chairlift. This time, I was able to get close at about three rows from the barrier…. yes… Chairlift was enchanting…  (more…)

Indie 90’s-influenced YUCK was the second band to perform at the Stage 2 of last the leg of Laneway Festival 2012. After CULTS’ performance, I hurried down to stage 2 for YUCK only to find out that I was stuck right in the middle of the two stages. The festival was set-up with a massive stage divided into two with gigantic black draperies where bands performed alternately. With the massive turnout on this year’s event, getting a  variety of shooting angle on the performers was grueling. Under the blistering heat of the sun, it can be done, if you are a crossbreed camel. (more…)

CULTS was the first band to grace the last leg of Laneway Festival 2012 held in Singapore last 12th of February 2012. They kicked-off at Stage 1 while fans roared under the scorching heat of the sun. Though the rest of the band was so stiff & poised during the performance, Madeline Follin stole the show with all her awkward but funny gestures which she seem to pull out under her sleeves. (more…)