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Chingay Parade is an annual event held in Singapore showcasing floats & street performances from different culture. This year’s event was the second time I was able to get close & shoot the full dress rehearsal. The first event was on February 2011 and you can view my experience here. One can generally draw a quick & obvious comparison between last year & this year’s event.  One apparent difference is the use of water for this year’s theme. Somehow, the event designers proposed to flood the street enclosed with inflatable barriers. It was about an ankle-deep water stretched all throughout from end to end which made the performers drag their presentation. It was a bit uncoordinated, some fell, & a few left their waterproof footware floating as they proceeded to exit the area. Performers kick & splash water all over the place soaking me & parts of my equipment. The lighting was generally dark too, and I was hoping they had some reservations for the final performance. Overall, the message of the event was still conveyed, it wasn’t just as dynamic as the previous year. (more…)

Last October 30, 2011, our photography group, MASP, was invited to cover a Philippine noon time show along with  Beyond Photography Productions & Shifters Photography. The show was called Eat Bulaga! & was held at the D’Marquee in Singapore. Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon time show in the Philippines & when you take this kind of phenomenon into a place where pinoy live shows are scarce, expect unrest. (more…)

Last June 04, 2011, TAG Events organized Pinoy Pride Fair 2011,  a trade event highlighting a concert & comedy show culminated by the finest artists in the Philippines located at the Rock Auditorium, Suntec City, Singapore. The event featured an internationally renowned stand-up comedian Tim Tayag, & two of the most celebrated artists in the Philippine music industry, Aiza Seguerra & True Faith. One of the media partners of the event was MASP (Making Arts in Singapore through Photography), one of the largest photography group in Singapore composed of professional Filipinos who share the same passion in arts & photography. Fortunately, I am a member of the group & fortunately, I was one of the few who were selected to cover the event which makes me a “fortunate legal photographer”. And because I have the authority to point a lens into someone else’s nose, I left my ninja arsenal at home & borrowed my brother’s holy grail of event lens, Nikon 24-70 f2.8. I also carried my trusted 135mm f2 DC for tighter shots. (more…)

Every year, Singapore holds a street event showcasing a mixture of culture & extravagant floats signifying diverse culture of the country. This event is called Chingay Parade.

When I knew about the parade’s schedule last February 10, 2011, I was disapointed as the dates were in conflict with prior commitments. I was ready to lay down my arms when Abs, a co-shooter & a close friend, told me we go to the rehearsals instead. At first I was doubtful. Rehearsals? No fancy lights n’ stuff? Performers not in costume? The hell with it. There oughta be a few sparks to catch a few shots. It will be worth checking.