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If I ask you to define in your own terms the word “fashion”, I bet some of you will have an involuntary depiction of an image resembling to Bieber’s hair. That’s quite a reflex you’ve got there & I don’t blame you for it. From my viewpoint, mainstream fashion is dictated by pop culture. Though it originates from the runways of Milan, it takes a few pop icons to shove it into our mouths. If you ask me, a normal human being devoid of fashion sense since camo cargo shorts & black shirts roamed the streets of hip, I define fashion as a mixture of patterns, color, & texture that is hip today, gone tomorrow. These three elements kept me on my toes when I went to shoot Singapore Fashion Season last April 2011.

I had the privilege to shoot on two different locations: the Marina Square & ION.  If there are things that I hate when shooting fashion shows, it’s the unpredictable lighting and the shooting angle. These two dreaded aspects kept poking my senses especially on the second location.