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The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix was at its 4th year of its 5-year contract when I was finally able to snag a ticket. As cheapskate as I can be, I spent a few bucks for a 1 day walk-about, which, in return gave me an opportunity to witness the event at the worst view anyone could  ever imagine. I was carrying an ID that hinders me from enjoying at an elevated platform without the fences glued in front like Britney Spears’ bodyguards. (more…)

Last August 6, 2011, BMX enthusiasts gathered inside the *scape Warehouse to witness an international BMX Flatland competition which featured professional world-class BMX athletes around the world. The event was called Groundforce 2011. I was informed of this event by a photographer friend & BMX enthusiast, Kris. As it was my first time to witness this, I didn’t have a clue what to expect so I brought along my 135mm f2 DC to be safe. When I arrived at the venue, I saw professional flatland photographers equipped with fisheyes & speed lights shooting the riders at worm’s eye view. I was bitchslapped with Flatland Photography 101. (more…)

Last month, I got a tip from a co-photographer about an auto trade show here in Singapore called Asia AutoSalon 2011.  Normally, I tend to ignore trade shows unless there is something worth snapping involved. Fortunately, this event will be showcasing a drifting exhibition so it might be something to look forward to.  You can find more info of the event here. (more…)

It was June11,2011, 11:00 AM, when me, my wife, & my sister-in-law arrived at the F1 Pit building in Singapore. We were so stoked to see the Singapore Formula Drift 2011 for the second time when mother nature came crashing her ire dampening half of Singapore. We took shelter beside the generator area with hopes running low thinking about the cancellation of the show. In less than an hour, the rain settled a bit but still scattering some so we were still doubtful. We entered the venue showing our passes we acquired from Nikon Singapore which grants us entry to almost all areas inside the venue except for the grandstand. Unfortunately, these passes were only applicable to the first day which was the qualifying rounds. While roaming inside the vicinity, we could see that the track was all wet & my hopes for capturing tire burning smokes went dead. The show was warming up & we could hear the growls of some V8 engines. I brought my brother’s Nikon 24-70 f2.8 & my trusted 135mm f2 DC & took some shots around the area.  (more…)

Do you remember that 1984 film called “The Karate Kid”? I’m sure you do ’cause the guys at Hollywood just made a remake with the same title, same plot, but different people last year. If you do remember the film, I’m sure you can recall the scene where Mr. Miyagi, played by the late Pat Morita, caught flies using chopsticks. Classic ‘ey? Now what does this fly-catching scene got to do with this blog? Read on…