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A few months back, I received a call from a co-photog, Darwin, asking me to back him up for the upcoming Megadeth TH1RT3EN World Tour in Singapore. Apparently, I have been pestering him to rope me in since day one ever since he was contacted by LinVan Productions to cover their shows here. All the harassment has finally paid off & I was officially given the “all access pass”. LinVan Productions have been granting concert goers’ wishes for more than a decade & whenever they do, they never fail to impress the fans. The moment I knew they got the show, I nodded in full confidence. And special thanks to buddy Darwin, I owe you one!  (more…)

Dezember is a death metal / progressive band from Thailand who were tasked to set the stage for Megadeth’s TH1RT3EN World Tour In Singapore. Special thanks to my photographer bud, Darwin, I was able to snag a rare piece of “all access pass” badge for the whole duration of the show. The event was brought forth by LinVan Productions, a Singapore-based events management company who has been successfully handling international concerts for more than a decade.  (more…)

Lamb of God were down to their final touches tearing up the stage when I realized I was about to bear witness to the biggest heavy metal gig of 2012 in Singapore. A few moments later, a gigantic “Epitaph” draped rolled like a proscenium as the crew prepped the stage transforming it into a monstrous arena. As roadies scrambled backstage, some of the best heavy metal classics piped through the PA’s and as they aired Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, I was so ecstatic that my gallbladder was about to fill five colostomy bags. The crowd was getting wild chanting Judas! Priest! Judas! Priest! As soon as the song ended, the colossal drape suddenly fell & upfront blinding us was Judas Priest. (more…)

Ever since I’ve shot Lamb of God two years ago, I’ve been banging my head against the concrete for being so naïve. If you care to ask why, you can click here to know how I failed so miserably. It was a mistake which I thought I could never take back for the rest of my life. Just late last year, LAMC announced that the envoys of American metal are coming back to Singapore to promote their new album Resolution. Just a few months later, they added that Lamb of God will be sharing the same stage with the metal giants, Judas Priest (which I will be covering in my next post), and confirmed the date at 20th of February 2012. While I cowered in exhilaration trying to absorb the veracity of the news, one word came into my mind: Redemption. (more…)

Feist was the 12th band to perform at the 2012 Laneway Festival in Singapore held last February 12. This was also the last artist that I was able shoot since my body was starting to malfunction due to fatigue & dehydration. After shooting The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, I didn’t have enough strength to elbow 20 meters of dense crowd for Toro Y Moi at the first stage so I stuck at my current position waiting for Feist. When Toro Y Moi ended, the crowd started to push towards the center which gave me an opportunity squeeze through together with the flow. (more…)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart was the 10th artist to rock the stages of the last leg of the Laneway Festival 2012 in Singapore last February 12. At this time, the venue was already too tight to squeeze a few more spectators as the crowd was already packed rubbing skin with each other. My muscles was starting to shake & my legs felt like rubber. I was dead tired & anxious to see the band as the Stage 2, yet again, failed to deliver its purpose. For some reason, the PA’s stopped functioning. It was quite a wait before the band started to slam their frustrations into their instruments. Yet, the band still delivered a solid performance. (more…)

I had a blast shooting Twin Shadow at the last leg of Laneway Festival 2012 held in Singapore last February 12 that I was so parched & needed to get a drink at the water supply booth. After spending eons just to queue for a tiny bottle of water, I hurried back to Stage 1 to catch a glimpse of Laura Marling performing her last song. The stage was close to pitch dark & the only illumination they had on the artists were a couple of purple & magenta lights, low enough to put someone to sleep. All my Laura Marling shots were wasted & I have to salvage these shots heavily in the RAW converter. You can check out my bud Abs on how he handled these lights well in his blog post. (more…)