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Queso was used to be called Cheese the last time I saw them live at our school grounds more than a decade ago. I always took safe precautions whenever these guys hit the stage after almost getting pinned down in a riot which ensued during their performance at the UP fair way back during the late 90’s. From contagious grooves coupled with visceral riffs, the approach of Queso’s music to the audience delivers a backbone that can send someone drifting in frenzy. Queso never takes any performance calmly, and whenever they strike, they hit hard right through your senses. (more…)

I had the opportunity to experience getting up-close with the Greyhoundz‘ gig way back when the band was starting to hit the scene during the late 90’s. They were playing regularly at our school and, yes, even at our dormitory, tearing stages & transforming kids into frantic cannibals. Back during the time when OPM rock was a genre defined by alternative & hard rock, it was culturally stunning when the Houndz ripped the scene with down-tuned riffs & hard-hitting growls into a rock society who had just awoken from a grunge facelift . The fresh approach was easily embraced by young metal heads yearning for more aggression in their record collection. The impact eventually trickled down to the fashion scene which had the teens back then hunt for oversized jeans to complement half of their exposed underpants. Oh yes, I was a victim as well. (more…)

After the success of the Aquostika series with Franco & JohnoyRequiem Rising & Pinoytuner moved on to bring their project to a bigger scale. Headlining two of the acclaimed female alternative artists from the Philippines, Eve’s Faire was one of the groups’ ambitious event which aimed to agitate the foundations of St. James Powerstation. The first set showcased the sweet & charming Barbie Almalbis, who was responsible for launching Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle  into stardom. (more…)

Franco was announced to be Requiem Rising & Pinoytuner‘s last leg of the Aquostika series for 2012. Held at a decked out joint along Bali Lane, Blu Jaz Cafe once again, swayed to the rhythms of OPM & acoustic renditions as one of the revered Philippine artist infused reggae-influenced OPM alternative music to pinoys living in Singapore. Our group MASP was tasked to cover the event and it was futile not to when the artist you are covering has revolutionized the verve of OPM. The show’s turn-out was more than what was expected as the two-night gig sold-out weeks before the event. (more…)

When Street Noise Productions & Reconstrux Bookings announced that they were bringing Rivermaya here in Singapore, I did not hesitate to approach them for a coverage. It was an instinct that propelled me for an opportunity to shoot the guys who made a great influence in the pinoy alternative music scene. And so I presented my group, MASP (Making Arts in Singapore through Photography), to document the band’s activities here. The awesome guys of Street Noise & Reconstrux agreed without hesitation. You can view the video coverage through this link. (more…)

Sandwich was the third and (what we thought as) the last band to perform at the Pinoy Rock 2012 organized by Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association & Horton Entertainment last March 3, 2012.  Our photography group, MASP (Making Arts in Singapore through Photography) along with Shifters Photography, were tasked to cover the event so I left my tiny primes at home & brought along my brother‘s 24-70 2.8G. I added to my arsenal his Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 & my 135mm f2 DC. (more…)

It was late last February 6, 2012, when I received a phone call that our group, MASP (Making Arts in Singapore through Photography) along with Shifters Photography,  will be covering a concert organized by Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association Singapore & Horton Entertainment. It was an event called “Pinoy Rock” showcasing two of the leading rock bands in the Philippines, Sandwich & 6Cyclemind, and they were set to perform at Top 5 Orchard Tower on March 3, 2012. Because I was given the opportunity to “shoot legally”, together with five more of our members, I did not hesitate to consider using the holy grail of events lens, the Nikon 24-70 2.8G, so I called up my brother to borrow his. I also wanted to shoot something different so I added his Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 on the list. To top it all, I brought along my usual workhorse, the Nikon 135mm f2 DC. I was all set & ready to roll. (more…)