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Once again, Reconstrux Bookings proved their capabilities in serving hardcore & metal fans in Singapore by merging local & international acts generating a year end mayhem, the Reconstrux Fest. It was a 7-hour run of two featured sets held last 10th of December 2011 at the *scape lab. The first set was to drive hardcore fans into ecstasy with the hardcore band from Netherlands, No Turning Back. It was supported by local hardcore acts Overthrown, Straight Forward and Mouthful Of Air. The second set catered to the metal fans which featured All Shall Perish & supported by local metal Ossuary. (more…)

In promotion to their latest album Relentless Reckless Forever, Finnish heavy metal band Children of Bodom launched Ugly World Tour which headlined in North America last June. Since then, the Hate Crew has been raining metal on some parts of the world shaking every Bodom maniac to his knees. It was announced last August that part of the tour will hit Singapore on November 17, and Davis Guitar took pride in bringing the crew here. The show was a no-BS, straightforward, & clear-cut gig, which led to be one of the most memorable gigs that hit Singapore in 2011. It was a display of know-how, in which the organizers are fans themselves, and delivered the goods with a lot of respect to what the fans are expecting. (more…)

Last October 30, 2011, our photography group, MASP, was invited to cover a Philippine noon time show along with  Beyond Photography Productions & Shifters Photography. The show was called Eat Bulaga! & was held at the D’Marquee in Singapore. Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon time show in the Philippines & when you take this kind of phenomenon into a place where pinoy live shows are scarce, expect unrest. (more…)

Charice was set to perform at the first day of the 2011 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix. After exhausting all my efforts capturing the cars in motion, I headed down to the Padang Stage where the Filipina prodigy & Glee star sensation was set to unleash her vocal prowess. As I arrived, I was stuck right beside the control booth at about 100 meters away from the stage. Beyond that was a controlled fence which only allows ticket holders with privilege wrist bands. How did they get that? I have no idea. As I was miles away from the stage, I didnt have a choice but to use my Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR. The longest prime I had was the Nikon 135mm f2 DC & it didnt have enough reach to capture the tiny performer. (more…)

The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix was at its 4th year of its 5-year contract when I was finally able to snag a ticket. As cheapskate as I can be, I spent a few bucks for a 1 day walk-about, which, in return gave me an opportunity to witness the event at the worst view anyone could  ever imagine. I was carrying an ID that hinders me from enjoying at an elevated platform without the fences glued in front like Britney Spears’ bodyguards. (more…)

I have to admit, I am an outdated metalhead who’s been hibernating  since Dimebag Darrel graced his last & tragic performance at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio last 2004 . I have never been exposed to what the kids are listening since then that is why when Upsurge Productions & Reconstrux Bookings announced that they were bringing Suicide Silence in Singapore, it was a “let-me-check-my-budget-type” of reaction for me. It was until I saw Todd Owyoung’s photo blog of Suicide Silence at Mayhem Fest that got me jumping-off my seat itching for that gig to come. (more…)

Julianne was one of the first acts to grace the third day of Baybeats 2011. Performing next to a Singaporean acoustic soloist at the Esplanade Concourse, she stunned the audiences of different nationalities with her acoustic jazz licks & soulful voice. It was sheer tremendous energy that kept bursting out from the Philippine artist that I almost dropped my gear while shuffling lenses. (more…)