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When Street Noise Productions & Reconstrux Bookings announced that they were bringing Rivermaya here in Singapore, I did not hesitate to approach them for a coverage. It was an instinct that propelled me for an opportunity to shoot the guys who made a great influence in the pinoy alternative music scene. And so I presented my group, MASP (Making Arts in Singapore through Photography), to document the band’s activities here. The awesome guys of Street Noise & Reconstrux agreed without hesitation. You can view the video coverage through this link. (more…)

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when Mourning Sound brought forth mayhem that shook the grounds of *SCAPE in Singapore last April 7, 2012. Some of the heaviest bands from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines gathered at the basement of the bustling teenage hangout to deliver heavy music served right in front of the fans’ faces. The turnout was minimal with only the purest hardcore followers went & moshed as their heroes engaged Full Battle Order. Hardcores moshing with the metalheads, what made up for the small gathering led to a unity of  fans in each genre. The venue looks brutal & raw, with only caution tapes cordoned-off to set the boundaries on what looks like a basement carpark. (more…)

Attention! The New Portsdown is a local band in Singapore which opened for  We Are The In Crowd in Singapore last April 3, 2012. The show was organzed by Reconstrux Bookings  and I was lucky enough to be allowed to shoot inside the photo pit, thanks to Reconstrux’s main man, Jai. Along with the Malaysian band Oh Chentaku, the two front acts were well received by the fans of WATIC as they prepped the stage with modern punk rock & catchy tunes soaking fans in pop rock frenzy. (more…)

Oh Chentaku was one of the bands who opened up for We Are The In Crowd in Singapore last April 3, 2012. The show was organized by Reconstrux Bookings and I was lucky enough to be given full access to shoot from the photo pit. Oh Chentaku is a Malaysian band formed in 2007 at Kuala Lumpur whose musical influences are mixed in a bowl of of rock, punk, pop, electro, & post-hardcore. The band showcased top class punk rock-style show running riot on the stage, jumping from one end to another. (more…)

I was given the opportunity to shoot in the photo pit by one of the coolest dude on the planet, Jai of Reconstrux Bookings, when We Are The In Crowd played in Singapore last April 3, 2012. The American pop punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York,  is comprised of Taylor Jardine (vocals), Jordan Eckes (guitars), Mike Ferri (bass), Rob Chianelli (drums), & Cameron Hurley (guitars). Aside from frequent clicks through the band’s Facebook page, I haven’t had the opportunity to  check out the band in full detail before the show so I was not aware on how things would come up. The show was opened by Attention! The New Portsdown from Singapore & Oh Chentaku from Malaysia (which I will be posting after this), and judging from the front acts’ music genre, it gave me an idea on what was set-up for WATIC: Full Blown Energy.


Once again, Reconstrux Bookings proved their capabilities in serving hardcore & metal fans in Singapore by merging local & international acts generating a year end mayhem, the Reconstrux Fest. It was a 7-hour run of two featured sets held last 10th of December 2011 at the *scape lab. The first set was to drive hardcore fans into ecstasy with the hardcore band from Netherlands, No Turning Back. It was supported by local hardcore acts Overthrown, Straight Forward and Mouthful Of Air. The second set catered to the metal fans which featured All Shall Perish & supported by local metal Ossuary. (more…)

I have to admit, I am an outdated metalhead who’s been hibernating  since Dimebag Darrel graced his last & tragic performance at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio last 2004 . I have never been exposed to what the kids are listening since then that is why when Upsurge Productions & Reconstrux Bookings announced that they were bringing Suicide Silence in Singapore, it was a “let-me-check-my-budget-type” of reaction for me. It was until I saw Todd Owyoung’s photo blog of Suicide Silence at Mayhem Fest that got me jumping-off my seat itching for that gig to come. (more…)