Greyhoundz + Queso in Singapore 2013: Pre-event Coverage

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Concerts, Greyhoundz, Philippine Artists, Queso
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After a 3-month stint from blogging, spending solitude with my first-born & cogitating whether I would be picking –up the camera again, I finally got hold of my fervour in shooting gigs when news arrived that two of the most ground-breaking bands from the Philippines are coming over to Singapore. It was during their recent acoustika series that Pinoytuner & Requiem Rising confirmed that Greyhoundz & the recently reunited Queso (formerly known as Cheese) are heading their way here on 28th of April 2013. Our group MASP was given the honours of covering their stay so we were given an all access pass, quite a blessing if you have been rubbing elbows with the right people.

We got hold of the guys first hand at the airport and almost lost our touch with our obligations to cover them as some of us, including me, froze & transformed to become the welcoming entourage. Shook hands, chatted, & as soon as I felt my camera dangling over my shoulder, I slapped myself & started snapping.

We proceeded to the  hotel to unload their stuff and as soon as the band got settled, we took the opportunity to sit-down for a quick interview.

The next day, we proceeded to the venue to check-out the guys during their soundcheck.

Showtime as the gates opened. The stage was prepped by Singapore-based pinoy band TAO covering classic renditions of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

Pariah, another pinoy band based in Singapore, came-up after TAO and started gunning up the stage with their originals.

…stay tuned for the Houndz!

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