Queso live in Singapore 2013

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Concerts, Philippine Artists, Queso
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Queso was used to be called Cheese the last time I saw them live at our school grounds more than a decade ago. I always took safe precautions whenever these guys hit the stage after almost getting pinned down in a riot which ensued during their performance at the UP fair way back during the late 90’s. From contagious grooves coupled with visceral riffs, the approach of Queso’s music to the audience delivers a backbone that can send someone drifting in frenzy. Queso never takes any performance calmly, and whenever they strike, they hit hard right through your senses.

Queso’s influence on the audience’s sanity is attributed to Ian Tayao’s overwhelming stage presence. Whenever I shoot a rock gig, I always look-out for jumpshots & it is always rewarding to capture one. The Queso gig served me several trophies, compliments of Ian’s agile ability to flip through the air.

Although the crowd’s age group were mostly middle-aged professionals, with vigour cut half than that of a metalhead in puberty, Queso’s 10x Karma has never stopped them from breaking into a moshpit.

The Queso + Greyhoundz gig was well received by pinoy fans who have been away from the OPM rock scene since they left home to escape from the harsh realities of the Philippine economy. Although the turn-out was not quite what was expected, everyone within the venue had their fair share of bliss that night. We all owe our gratitude to  Pinoytuner & Requiem Rising for bringing the guys here.

  1. gpguarin says:

    Brutal na brutal! Galing!

  2. pj says:

    word! maraming salamat sir..

  3. Jayvee Diezmo says:

    Strong words. You are a great blogger. Mabuhay ka at ang musika ng Queso.

  4. Photo Dokumentaryo by: Michael de Guzman says:

    Nice set sir.. As always.. 🙂

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